The Crimson Contract is a mercenary band that operates in the country of Gilbadorth. The band was created during the chaotic reign of King Farand. When the king’s justice failed and he cared not for the lives of his subjects, The Crimson Contract was formed in response. These mercenaries could be hired by towns to deal with groups of bandits, or by cities to defend against attacks from raiding barbarians sweeping down out of the Kallenbor Mountains. While King Farand’s successors have attempted to restore order to the country, they have been unable to eradicate the thieves’ guilds and other organized crime that has become well established, and The Crimson Contract is often called upon to deal with matters that the royal army is too busy, or too embarrassed, to fix.

It is not particularly hard to join The Crimson Contract. There are a few tests of skill and honour that interested warriors must pass in order to become full members, but no questions are made concerning the past lives of the candidates. It is said that many members joined the band in order to make retribution for actions that they committed in the past.

The Crimson Contract

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