The Crimson Contract

How the Crimson Contract Began
The world is full of chaos

So, you passed your trials of skills and honour and have joined The Crimson Contract, eh? Welcome to our mercenary band, and may you fight well when you are hired to rid our country and home of yet another vile nuisance.

Now, you may be wondering how our company of avengers and vigilantes of justice began. We are an old company, but we were not always so honourable as we have become today. Back in the day, the Crimson Contract was a group of fighters who cared nothing for others other than the money that they could pay them. While not pursued by the king’s men, they were not respected. Then came the reign of Farand the Frightful, the first of a long line of selfish kings who oppressed the people and uncaringly encouraged anarchy and the rise of organized crime.
Now King Arados is on the throne, and we have control over his actions, having placed some of our own men as his advisers. Finally, there is a chance to restore order to this ravished country.

It is now your duty to help us create the country that we want to live in.


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